Jake Covey: Higher-dimensional encoding and programmable openness with Rydberg atom arrays

Date and Time
Broida 3302

Jake Covey

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

"Higher-dimensional encoding and programmable openness with Rydberg atom arrays"

Abstract: Arrays of neutral atoms in optical tweezers are becoming a powerful platform for myriad quantum science applications. This talk will highlight two atom array platforms that we are using to explore higher-dimensional encodings and programmable interactive circuits. In the first scenario, we will discuss the use of 12 Rydberg states to define a synthetic dimension of a strongly-interacting dynamical system with tunable flux. In this context, we have recently observed an interaction-induced breakdown of Aharonov–Bohm caging and a phase transition to an immobile bound pair. In the second scenario, we will discuss the use of optical and nuclear spin qubits in ytterbium-171 atom arrays for realizing mid-circuit measurements with applications for quantum computing, interactive circuits, and improved optical atomic clocks. We have recently realized nondemolition readout, real-time control of nuclear spin qubits, and mid-circuit operations. Lastly, we will connect the two topics by considering a ququart (four-state) encoding within ytterbium-171 that offers direct compiling of qubit circuits as well as new opportunities for interactive circuits that emerge from quantum nondemolition readout of a higher-dimensional quantum system.