Quantum Foundry was established as a hub for quantum materials and quantum information science. A prominent goal of the foundry is to lead a network of research centers and institutes, industry partners, and national labs. Our mission is to provide a nexus between experimentalists and theoreticians in fields of quantum materials and quantum information science.

The foundry's network provides its members access to tools for advanced synthesis of quantum materials, interface development, and characterization of quantum coherence and entanglement. We seek to facilitate experimental collaborations, and our partnering institutions are involved in materials exchange for collaborative study and analysis. In collaboration with our data science partners at the Halicioglu Data Science Institute, the foundry will collect and curate experimental and theoretical scientific data which will be open to the public.

One of the major aims of the foundry is to catalyze collaborations among theorists and experimentalists in the network (including industrial partners). To achieve this, we will organize and host colloquia and workshops on the simulations of complex quantum systems, new theoretical developments; as well as quantum computing and quantum algorithms. Together with scientists from partner institutions, the foundry will provide tutorials on quantum computing for the broader scientific community and support students' exchange amongst network partners.

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We encourage establishing new network partnerships by contacting our QF Administrative Coordinator who will connect you with our Network Coordinator, Vojtech Vlcek: