Stuart N. Holmes: Nanostructured devices in disordered InSb

Date and Time
Stuart Holmes

Stuart N. Holmes

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, U.K.

Abstract: In this talk, I present recent work on InSb (and InGaAs) devices aimed at investigating non-ergodic behavior in a disordered semiconductor system. Controllable disorder through focussed ion beam (FIB) damage to the devices and thermal isolation achieved with selective etching are unique features of the structures that enable the conditions necessary for this behavior. In addition, I will outline recent results on FIB patterning of alpha-Sn (and Bi) and the corresponding magnetotransport properties at low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

Bio: Dr Stuart Holmes is a Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at University College London (UCL), prior to which he was a Senior Research Scientist in Toshiba Research Europe Limited in Cambridge, U.K. and a visiting Professor at UCL. He is a scientific visitor to the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge University.

He has a wide range of interests from fundamental semiconductor transport studies in quantum structures to device evaluation for spintronic and spin-manipulation quantum computing applications. He has developed many experimental techniques such as low temperature magneto-optical Kerr effect measurements, scanning Andreev probe spectroscopy and application of strain to devices. He has worked with several high magnetic field laboratories including the LNCMI in Grenoble France and the Francis Bitter Laboratory at MIT.

Stuart Holmes has a PhD from Imperial College London and was a NATO Science Fellow in New York for two years.