Photo of Lianyang Dong

Lianyang Dong

UC Santa Barbara


I completed my Ph.D. training in chemical engineering under the direction of Prof. Theo Siegrist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University. My graduate research was on the design, establishment, and modification of crystal synthesis and growth methods for quantum materials, and properties characterization of the exotic physical properties of quantum materials. For example, I developed a gel growth method for the growth of high-quality K2PbCo(NO2)6 single crystals. Characterizations of structure, magnetic properties, and magnetic field dependent specific heat of K2PbCo(NO2)6 single crystals, demonstrated a magnetic field-induced shift of entropy from 1D correlations to 3D quantum critical fluctuations, suggestive of a new approach to tuning through a quantum critical point.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher co-advised by Prof. Stephen Wilson and Prof. John Harter in the materials department at the University of California Santa Barbara. My current research work includes crystal growth and characterizations of topological superconductor, quantum spin liquid candidate materials; fabrication of thin films for the application of magneto-optical microscopy.