Photo of Arsineh Apelian

Arsineh Apelian

UC Santa Barbara


Arsineh is a PhD student in the Materials department and an NSF Research Fellow working in Prof. Ram Seshadri and Prof. Vojtech Vlcek’s group where her main research focus is on computational and theoretical development for quantum information purposes and future quantum technology applications. Specifically, she is using first-principles approaches to go beyond conventional calculation methods and to develop new computational developments, enabling the application of an ab-initio many-body theory that can be used for large systems. She will be studying on-site interactions of quantum interfaces at the nanoscale of transition metals/oxides and metal/semi-metal interfaces, as well as surface state band structures, for a better description of strongly-correlated electrons. Prior to her joining UCSB, she received her BS in physics from UC Irvine where she worked on density functional theory (DFT) calculations for single atom catalysis. Later, she interned at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with Dr. Anubhav Jain (2019) and Dr. Sinéad Griffin (2020) where she used her background in DFT for thermoelectrics applications as well as topological materials research.