Photo of Eve Bodnia

Eve Bodnia

UC Santa Barbara


Eve received her B.S. degree from UC Berkeley where she worked on background signals at Particle Identification in Xenon at Yale (PIXeY) group led by Prof. Dan Mckinsey. After spending a gap year at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab working in particle physics, she joined UCSB as a graduate student. Eve is awarded the Eddleman fellowship in 2021 and working with Prof. Dirk Bouwmeester (Physics, UCSB) in collaboration with Yale University, and co-advised by Prof. Dan Blumenthal (Engineering science, UCSB), Prof. Vojtech Vlcek (Chemistry), Prof. Peter Rakich (Applied Physics, Yale), Prof. Shruti Puri (Applied Physics, Yale) . Her Foundry research is focused on photon-phonon quantum interconnect via Brillouin-based optomechanics with the special task of identifying and investigating novel applications for superfluid optomechanics, inspired by superconducting quantum circuits. She explores the similarities between superconducting quantum circuits and the novel concept of superfluid quantum circuits, Josephson effects, light-matter interactions, the confinement problem in Cooper-based systems using the tools of relativistic quantum field theory. Eve’s experimental goal is to create phononic-photonic crystal membranes made out of silicon nitride (SiN) and investigate anharmonic phonon oscillations due to the superfluid Josephson effect. If Eve has some spare time, she enjoys sleeping.