Photo of Jayden Plumb

Jayden Plumb

UC Santa Barbara


Jayden was born and raised in Utah, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. During his undergraduate studies, he traveled to Argonne National Lab to conduct high energy diffraction microscopy experiments on metallic foams to study their grain structure and strain evolution. This experience has translated to his current graduate studies at UC Santa Barbara that focus on using neutron and x-ray diffraction to explore and characterize quantum materials. Co-advised by Sam Daly and Stephen Wilson, his research focuses on the coupling between strain and periodic magnetic phenomena in intermetallic hosts. He has a natural interest in computers and devotes a portion of his research to machine learning, leveraging algorithms to process and analyze the large datasets generated by diffraction experiments. Jayden spends his free time kickboxing, playing video games and taking care of his cat.