Photo of Michael Garcia Alcoser

Michael Garcia Alcoser

QF Intern Summer 2021
High Point University

Major: Physics
Mentors: Dr. Brenden Ortiz, Professor Stephen Wilson

Powder Synthesis of Lanthanide Pyrochlores - Ln2InSbO7

Pyrochlores are a broad family of minerals with the common form of A23+B24+O7. These minerals seem to possess interesting characteristics in the world of condensed matter physics. Some pyrochlores tend to naturally form frustrated systems. The result of frustration can lead to a system characterized as spin glass, spin ice, or a theorized spin liquid. Our team’s focus was primarily on creating and refining the synthesis of an unknown group of mixed site lanthanide pyrochlores Ln2InSbO7, using ball-milling and microwave techniques. Replication of these methods could facilitate further investigation of these unique pyrochlores’ properties for possible future application.