2021-2022 Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Awards

Mark Turiansky and Emily Williams are the recipients of the 2021-2022 Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Awards

June 13, 2022
Photo of Mark Turiansky

Mark Turiansky is a UCSB Quantum Foundry Graduate Fellow among those at the forefront of this discipline at UCSB. “The field of quantum information science is rapidly developing and has garnered a ton of interest,” said Turiansky who has been interested in quantum science since childhood. Utilizing recent technologies that allow for the study of the universe at its smallest scales, quantum researchers like Turiansky are working to nail down the fundamentals of quantum physics. For Turiansky, has focused on gaining a better understanding of quantum defects and finding ways to predict and generate ideal defects. These points of focus became the basis of his dissertation, “Quantum Defects from First Principles,” an investigation into the fundamental concepts of quantum defects. The two Lancaster dissertations are entered into a national competition sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools. A check for $1,000 and a plaque will be awarded upon completion of entry for the national competition.