2022 Quantum Foundry Research Internship Program

Quantum Foundry research internship program brings science and engineering students to UCSB campus

August 12, 2022
Photo of Mitchell Peterson

The Quantum Foundry 2022 undergraduate research internship program has concluded after 8-weeks of learning and community building on the UCSB campus. This program brings California Community College and other 4-year undergraduate students to the UC Santa Barbara campus for a summer research experience within the research groups of the Quantum Foundry. Through this program, undergraduate interns gained first-hand experience in scientific investigation via a dynamic and collaborative research environment. Each student was matched individually with Foundry faculty and postdoc or graduate student lab mentors who provided ongoing training and support. Quantum Foundry faculty John Bowers, John Harter, Bolin Liao, Galan Moody, Chris Palmstrom, Mark Sherwin, and Stephen Wilson hosted research interns this year.

Photo of Fernanda Ferragut & Chloe Wheeler

Foundry interns also participated in professional development activities that prepared them for the next step to graduate school and the workforce. They had the opportunity to socialize and make connections with a broad range of UCSB Faculty, researchers, and graduate students at poster sessions, group meetings, and other programmatic activities throughout the program.  Interns also had a special opportunity to network with local quantum and photonics professionals from Freedom Photonics, Raytheon Vision Systems, Teledyne/FLIR, and Thorlabs.  The summer program provides interns with an invaluable opportunity to explore the next generation of quantum materials, quantum states, and quantum-based electronics within a research environment, and improve their opportunities for future study and workforce training.  This high-impact experience is funded by the National Science Foundation.