"Shedding Light on Quantum Photonics"

The conversation is growing over the future of quantum.

January 17, 2023
Photo by Jeff Liang

Researchers all over the world are working to discover how to unlock the potential of super-positioned, entangled, tunneling, or ready-for-primetime quantum particles.

The UCSB Current article visits Kamyar Parto, a sixth-year Ph.D. student and Quantum Foundry Graduate fellow and member of the Galan Moody research group at UCSB. Galan Moody is the Quantum Foundry Thrust 3 Co-Lead, an expert in quantum photonics, and an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Kamyar Parto is the co-lead author of a paper in the journal Nano Letters, describing a key advance in the development of on-chip “factory” in a way that is essential to enabling photonic-based quantum technologies.