UCSB Current Highlights Quantum Foundry Summer Interns

UCSB Current Highlights the work of Quantum Foundry Summer Undergraduate Interns

August 30, 2023
QF Summer interns

UCSB Current writer Andrew Masuda writes: 'In addition to training in independent research projects, the programs provided opportunities for scholars to network with industry and academia, and to develop important professional skills, including scientific communication.

“We organized this event to create a vibrant poster session, where undergraduates, faculty and researchers from across disciplines can exchange ideas in a diverse and supportive environment,” explained Wendy Ibsen, CSEP associate director and undergraduate coordinator for UCSB’s Quantum Foundry. “These scholars experience a larger, conference-like environment, taking another important step toward becoming professional scientists.”

As a Quantum Foundry intern, Andrew Allison investigated the material absorption of aluminum-gallium-arsenide ring resonators in the lab of Galan Moody, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. Allison, a physics major, enjoyed the hands-on experience of learning how to solve a real-world problem without a clear path to follow.

“It was like being in the ‘Wild West’ of technology,” said Allison, who transferred to UCSB from Santa Barbara City College. “The most rewarding and impactful part of my summer was my growth as a researcher and problem solver, especially since I had no prior experience in a lab.”'


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