Coherent Quantum Interfaces
Credit: Van de Walle Lab

Thrust 3 will focus on engineering material platforms that host localized quantum states with robust coherence. These states will be interfaced with quantum photonic and phononic degrees of freedom to realize quantum networks. A key part of this thrust will be the detailed investigation and control of ubiquitous interface-induced decoherence that limits quantum technologies. The model systems explored here will serve to inform a decoherence mitigation approach in a much broader set of materials that host quantum states, including those in Thrusts 1 & 2 as well as those explored by the Foundry’s industrial and network partners.

Activities in Thrust 3 will include defect and interface engineering of Foundry materials such as spin qubits in diamond and III-V hosts, first-principles modeling of defect states in novel material systems with potential as qubits, experimental characterization of decoherence at interfaces, theoretical investigation of decoherence origins, and high-fidelity integration of ultra-low loss optical and acoustic elements with spin qubits. Model spin systems will be used as testbeds for decoherence studies and for adiabatic quantum computing. The overall goal is to accelerate the integration of promising qubit platforms into next-generation quantum technologies.